Setting The Bar High! 18lbs~34 Inches!

Setting The Bar High!  18lbs~34 Inches!

(Tim with 18 pounds & 34 inches of Twisted Chrome Steel!!)

Here’s Tim setting the bar high with his absolute monster steelhead weighing in at 18 pounds on the boga’s and 34 inches!  Had no idea the fish was this big while Tim was fighting it.  Thought Tim might be “taking his time” bringing the fish in.  It wasn’t until I went to net the fish after pulling anchor and dropping down stream a quarter mile chasing it only to realize it wouldn’t fit through the hoop of my big game net.  I promise never to “rush you” to get the fish in the boat again Tim.  Awesome job!!  Great fish!!

(Tale of the Tape with Tim’s Monster Steelhead!)

(Jim with a beautiful spring steelhead from the Muskegon River)

(Tim with a nice winter holdover steelhead from the Muskegon)

(Jim with a crystal chrome spring steelhead)

(Tim with a beautifully spotted spring steelhead)

(Jim with another nice spring steelhead)

(Tim with another absolute monster steelhead from the Muskegon)

Jim and Tim had an outstanding day of steelhead fishing with several really nice steelhead brought to the boat all day long.

Steelhead numbers remain strong as more fish start to enter the river system!  Steelhead are staging in the deep pools and starting the transition from slow to fast water with a few searching for gravel.  Water temps still remain cold holding around the 39 degree mark.  The cold front coming through this week will hold water temps where they are for the next few days.  Short term the water temps will lengthen the time for the steelhead to hit gravel, long term this cold spell will prolong the steelhead run and should be viewed as a very positive thing of what’s to come.

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