Day & Half In Devine Steelhead Paradise!

Day & Half In Devine Steelhead Paradise!

John with his son Jack spending a day and a half in Devine Steelhead Paradise!  Both John and Jack had the opportunity to land the full spectrum of steelhead in the past day and a half with bright chrome to crimson red and all points in between brought to the boat!  Great way to spend quality time with your son home on spring break!  Great job guys!!  Outstanding fish!!

Steelhead numbers remain strong as more fish start to enter the river system!  Steelhead are staging in the deep pools and starting the transition from slow to fast water with a few searching for gravel.  Water temps still remain cold holding around the 40 degree mark.  The cold front coming through this week will hold water temps where they are for the next few days.  Short term the water temps will lengthen the time for the steelhead to hit gravel, long term this cold spell will prolong the steelhead run and should be viewed as a very positive thing of what’s to come.

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  1. Jon put on a great trip as always! Not only is he a great fisherman who knows the river like the back of his hand and where to go given the conditions and time of the run, he is a great person and very enjoyable to fish with. Great teacher for young and old. I always leave the river a better fisherman and looking forward to the next trip.

    Thanks Captain!

    John DeVine

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