It’s All About….The One!

It’s All About….The One!

(George & Lenore from Chicago with a massive spring steelhead from the Muskegon River)

Great to have my good friend George and wife Lenore from Chicago back in the boat with me!  It’s been a while, but George sure made up for lost time by helping his wife land this massive spring steelhead from the Muskegon River.  Lenore hooked this beast and fought it perfectly as long as she could until she just couldn’t finish and George steps in to give it the ol’ double tap and brings it home.  Four circles around the boat and and 15 minutes later in hopes of tiring it ends in success as this mammoth steelhead finds the net!  Great job guys!  Outstanding team effort!  Great story to tell the Grandkids for years to come!!

Water conditions remain excellent for steelhead fishing.  Fresh steelhead have moved up the river system.  From what I see now, we will have steelhead in the river system up to June.

post by:  jon fortuna

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