The Wisconsin Connection

The Wisconsin Connection

(The Boys from Wisconsin)

From left to right the boys from Wisconsin with Mark holding a nice spring steelhead from the Muskegon River along with Bob in the middle and Paul on the right.  My friends from Wisconsin came out the past few days for their annual spring steelhead fishing adventure which turned out to be an extraordinary few days of fishing with many very nice steelhead brought to the boat.

I’ve got nothing but respect for these guys peacefully taking turns hooking one steelhead after the other all day long with each guy giving the other words of encouragement and support as they battled these steelhead throughout the day.

Bob, Mark, and Paul were one of my first clients from the start of my guide business.  They’ve collectively put my guide business on the map with so many nice steelhead caught over the years.  Thank you Bob, Mark, and Paul for all the support you’ve given me over the years.  I truly value our friendship and look forward to many more years of fishing with you all!  Thank you guys!

Steelhead fishing conditions remain strong with the good water levels holding around 4000 cfs and water temps in the mid 40’s.   Good numbers of steelhead remain throughout the river system offering up excellent steelhead fishing throughout the month of May.

Stone flies are starting to make a stronger presence as the trout start to look up and we transition from the steelhead to dry fly fishing for trout as we get closer to the end of May.

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