Future Wall-Hanger!

Future Wall-Hanger!
(Beautiful Muskegon River Steelhead!)

Check out the girth on this beautiful chromed out Muskegon river steelhead.  If this steelhead makes it the next few years, he’s gonna be an absolute wall-hanger!  The thickness of muscle on this steelhead was absolutely amazing!  Incredible fight!

(Tale of the Tape)

They don’t come much beefier than this buck!  Insane girth around the mid-section and shoulders.  More proof of just how incredible the mighty Muskegon river is and the world-class steelhead it produces!  Absolutely amazing!

This ain’t no planter.  Check out the adipose fin (small “nub” looking fin top side in back just before the back tail).  The only fish to have them are trout, steelhead, king salmon, and catfish.  And this stout steelhead has it. It’s a pure indication this steelhead was no planter.  The planter steelhead have their adipose fin clipped by the DNR just before being released into the river.  No, this bad boy is 100% natural.  Born in the Muskegon river and returns to the Muskegon every year for the next 10 years if you let them go, let them grow!  Just imagine the size of this guy in 3 years if he makes it.  Has the genetics to be a 20lb steelhead in a couple years.

Fishing conditions are in a transition right now as warm-ups followed by cold fronts are making way to the transition from winter steelheading to spring.  The warm up next week will continue to raise water levels and temps triggering new steelhead to make their way up the river system.  Steelhead in all phases, from crimson red winter coats to bright chrome steel are present throughout the river system. 

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