Spring Steelhead On The Run!

Spring Steelhead On The Run!
(Nick with a 19lb 34″ Monster!)

Here’s Nick from Chicago with an absolute brute of a Muskegon River Steelhead tipping the boga grips out at 19lbs, 34″ Inches of twisted crimson red steel!  Great job Nick!  Beautiful steelhead!

(Tale of the Tape)

Best of the day with some beautiful colors on Nick’s double stripe buck.  Great fight!

Water conditions are high and dirty holding around 5800cfs with the recent two days of straight down-pours.  This is exactly what we needed to kick start the spring steelhead on the Muskegon.  Look for the below average water temps at 38 degrees to rise as we head into next weeks mid-50 air temps.

Steelhead can be found from the deep pools, to medium fast water runs, to some starting to “sniff gravel.”

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